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Best Lesbian Romance 2013 Radclyffe

Best Lesbian Romance 2013 Radclyffe

I was introduced to Steve, via my local writing guild. The Limestone Landing of Maysville KY.

Steve's writing is a Sunday drive though Kentucky in a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville. Complete with a mystery, a personal danger to a young woman as she watches her friends being picked off one by one by a deranged madman, who has obvious delight in tormenting her with the knowledge.

Combine this with references to several NE Kentucky areas, I know very well and one particular element that only a true Kentuckian would understand, and you get an enjoyable read. Interesting, light weight, and I want to point out strongly; it's realistic.

I had just finished "We the Underpeople" by Cordwainer Smith. It actually took me nearly a month to read; which is far longer than it should have for a book of it's size. I have to sit and read slowly. Sometimes re-read a page to fully grasp the prose. Much like Tolekin's Silmarillion. Dry, difficult to comprehend, beyond my comprehension. Even with nearly 40 years of living in the science fiction, and fantasy genera.

Steve's book came right after Smith's tome. It was like I spent a month working at a factory; dead tired, needing to decompress, then suddenly given a vacation. The delight in reading it was it's strong basis in reality.

Coming from a background of science fiction, fantasy, yes even the occasional comic. I enjoy detective fiction, and mysteries. Unlike Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason, or Hercule Poirot,

Steve's detectives, police and even the victims are not bigger than life. You don't have an autistic Holmes, or a brilliant Mason. You have a /real/ detective eating do donuts, at the coffee shop, Investigating a /real crime./

The red herrings keep you guessing. I was completely taken by surprise at the end, for I wasn't given any clue on the true antagonist, while given plenty of faux herrings. It also gave a faint idea that there may be a sequel but what that is even I cannot guess.

All in all, I strongly recommend Steve's works judging by this one book. Kindle, or paper version it's worth the read.

(Personally; I recommend the paper versions. No worry about loosing your e-versions, and you don't want Steve to mark up your Kindle with his autograph :)

- KC Redden

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